Cemetery Map

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Woods Cemetery is located in the little town of Little Flock, Benton County, Arkansas.

It is on what once was the farm of J.N. Woods. As the property has been split and sold, houses were built around the cemetery.

There is an easement between two homes on Andrews Court. But please, if you are visiting the cemetery, be respectful of the homeowners surrounding the cemetery. They have been nothing but kind to us and keep an eye on things.

From the N/S corridor, State Highway 49:

Take exit 86, head east on SE 14th Street/Hudson Road. Turn left (North) on Woods Lane. Turn right (East) on Little Flock Drive. This will twist to the North. Turn right on Andrews Court.

Park between the 1st and 2nd driveways on the right. The easement is on the right side of the 2nd driveway, 12 feet from the fence. Walk around the back, following the fence. You will see the chain link gate leading to the cemetery. Signage is inside the cemetery.